I had my first experiences with clay as a child at school and also in my free time, mostly at my aunt’s place, and I always loved it!

In 2000 when I came to Crete I helped for some weeks in a pottery workshop in the Arts & Crafts Village Verekinthos and got some good insights of a potter’s work. Fascinated by the whole process from the beginning to the finishing of a ceramic piece I wanted to dive deeper into this magic world. Shortly after that I found myself buying a second-hand potter wheel and a kiln without really knowing how to use them. But slowly, step by step, with many tries and errors, with help from other potters and from books I managed to make some basic pottery from the beginning to the end – the whole process. It took a lot of patience and I had to get over many failures and disappointments (and sometimes I still have to by the way!) until I could finally take a finished piece I was proud of out of the kiln. But it was all worthwhile. Pottery has become a integral part of my life, I can’t do without. It has become like a companion. There are always new ideas and techniques to try and work on.

Touching clay to me is something I can’t really describe, it is something fulfilling, peaceful and satisfying…

BUT– I also realized that it is even much more satisfying and fun when I can share it with others!
And that’s how the idea of these Ceramic Workshops slowly came into place.

If you are interested in joining in, you are more than welcome!

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