Autumn Pottery Workshops


Summer has gone – the tourist season is almost finished – and I’m back in my atelier!

I’m looking forward to starting a new sequence of four workshops – each one with a different subject – on the 14th of November.



We build step by step cylindrical, square or oval shaped pots and add feet or handles following our preferences. We let them dry to a leather hard consistency and meet again to coat the pots with colourful engobe to create our own unique patterns and designs. After the firing I will glaze them with shiny or matt transparent glaze, whatever you decided for each of your pieces, and then fire them a second time.


14/11/2021 Sunday,  10:00-17:00    with a break for lunch which I will provide.
21/11/2021 Sunday,  10:00-13:00    decorating with colourful engobe.


… or any kind of art decor that you can hang from the ceiling, on a wall, in a tree or on your balcony.

On the first day we build decorative pieces of different shapes and sizes out of clay and after the drying and firing process we meet again on a morning to decorate the pieces with acrylic paints and assemble them with strings to create a mobile.

We can also combine them with pieces of different materials such as wooden sticks, beads, pendants, amulets or whatever you find suitable.


28/11/2021 Sunday,  10:00-17:00     with a break for lunch which I will provide.
12/12/2021 Sunday,  10:00-13:00     painting and putting together the mobile.


Before we put the parts (bottom, sides, feet etc.) together we make decorative imprints with stamps or whatever can be used as stamps such as flowers, leaves, textiles, buttons, pen lids, just anything you can think of.

These pots will stay in the terracotta colour of the fired clay and for a more contrasty effect I will treat them after the first firing either with a white or a dark colour (as you prefer) before firing them the second time with transparent glaze on the inside if you wish.


5/12/2021 Sunday,     10:00-17:00     with a break for lunch which I will provide.


The subject of this workshop will be the human face. All levels are welcome. It is amazing how a lump of clay turns step by step into something almost alive….and it doesn’t matter how realistic nose, mouth, eyes are formed. They get their own life and expression and turn into something very personal and unique.

We will use the local red clay and leave the fired pieces in terracotta colour.


19/12/2021 Sunday,     10:00-17:00     with a break for lunch which I will provide.

For all four workshops:

  • All the necessary materials (clay, coatings, glazes, acrylic paints and strings in different colours) as well as the firing and lunch are provided. For the Mobile Workshop you can also bring supplementary pieces of wooden sticks, beads, yarn, string etc.
  • No previous knowledge in pottery is necessary.
  • As soon as your objects are ready I will contact you so you can come and pick them up from my atelier.
  • For any questions or registration call me at: 697 422 11 51 or write an email to