Mosquito Coil Holder

Does this scenario sound familiar? On a nice summer evening sitting outside in the garden, on the terrace or balcony enjoying lovely company and a glass of wine and… zzzzz….. zzzz…. Oh no, mosquitoes!

Lighting a mosquito coil usually helps. But honestly, it just doesn’t look very nice. Unless you have a nice mosquito coil holder! Putting the coil in one of these decorative ceramic holders turns it into something completely different and makes your outdoor space even look more beautiful.

Did you know that these kind of mosquito coils have existed already almost 120 years? They were invented in 1902 in Japan by Eiichiro Ueyama and his wife Yuki. Nowadays you can find them in all different kinds and colours and with different scents in supermarkets, pharmacies and online shops. It’s worth checking what they are made of before buying them. Some brands produce them with recycled paper and natural insect repellent.

The MOSQUITO COIL HOLDERS I offer are handmade out of local clay and have the characteristic terracotta colour. After the biscuit firing I finish them with a withish wash outside and a transparent glaze inside for easier cleaning and fire them a second time.

All mosquito coil holders come with a wire which holds the coil, one coil from Fleriana and are nicely packed.


By the way, what about bringing a unique handmade mosquito coil holder as a little present next time you are invited to friends on a nice summer evening?

Want to buy one?  – YES!

Zzzz… zzzzzz…