My new atelier in Stylos


I found a new place for my atelier!

It was perfect timing. During the lockdown we couldn’t have done any workshops anyway. Instead I was very busy turning an almost ruined little house into a usable workshop space. Various works went on like putting electricity, installing water, putting up a ceiling, scraping the walls, even breaking down a wall, fixing windows and finally moving my whole atelier to Stylos.

Having a new workshop space but still not being able to give workshops because of the lockdown I started to do more of my own work. I created a Mosquito Coil Holder which you can see and read all about in the Shop section.

Meanwhile the lockdown has lifted and at the same time the tourist season has started. I will be busy most of the time until the end of October and unfortunately I won’t be able to offer any workshops. Having said that I also know that making plans has become a tricky undertaking, so things can change quite quickly. If there is any chance I can offer a workshop earlier, I will let you know. I’m looking forward to it very much!

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