Skill 11 Agreement After Prepositional Phrases

The graph below contains the most important information you should understand about the correspondence between the subject and the verb with prepositional sentences. Come on> 3. Some of the electricity consumed in the United States today comes from hydroelectricity. Alasan: subject dalam kalimat ini adalah “Electricity”, maka verbnya menjadi “comes” agar sesuai dengan subject-verb agreement. Abaikan “part” karena verb wajib mengikuti Noun setelahnya dan preposition “of” Sometimes prepositional sentences can come between the subject and the verb on the TOEFL test, and this can cause confusion. There may be a problem matching the subject and the verb. The correspondence between the subject and the verb is simple: if the subject of a sentence is singular, the verb must be singular; If the subject of the sentence is plural, then the verb must be plural. An -s on a verb usually indicates that a verb is singular, while an -s on a noun normally indicates that the noun is plural. (Don`t forget the irregular plurals of nouns like women, children, and people.) it was affected> we hit 10. Krakow remembers as the volcano that exploded so much ash that sunsets around the world were hit for two years later. Alasan: Ada 3 klausa dalam kalimat ini; berarti ada 3 pasangan Verb subject. Pertama, subject “Krakatoa” dan verb “is recalled”.

Kedua, subject “put the verb dan”. Ketiga, subject “sunsets” dan verb “has been touched”. Dari ketiga pasangan itu, yang tidak tepat adalah “sunsets” dan “was touched”. “Sunsets” adalah bentuk plural, sedangkan “was” singular untuk. “Which was `harus diganti`. In this example, you should easily recognize that the verb that has arrived needs a subject. There is also another clause, he started working right away. If you choose answer (A) or answer (C), you have been given a subject for the verb, but you do not have a connector to connect the two clauses. Because you need a connector to connect two clauses, the answers (A) and (C) are incorrect. Answer (B) is wrong because there is no subject arrived for the verb. Answer (D) is the best answer, because there is a subject, students for the verb, arrived, and there is a connector, after, to connect the two clauses. FINITY 11: CONFORMITY ACCORDING TO PREPOSITIONAL PHRASES Secara umum kalimat dalam bahasa Inggris memerlukan subject dan verb.

Di dalam skill ini, jika Anda menemui kalimat dengan subject + prepositional sentence maka tentukan verbnya dengan melihat kata yang ada sebelum prepositional sentence. Contoh: The study of languages is very interesting. The study of languages is very interesting. Dalam kalimat diatas, theme utamanya adalah `Study`. We are often deceived by the word before the verb, such as the word “languages,” so we think the subject is plural and we use verbs for plural subjects. In fact, to determine the verb is subject/noun before preposition. white> 1. No one knows when the glass-making process was invented.

Reason: No one is a singular subject, so we must use terms/agreements with singular verbs [Verb 1 +s/es]. Answer: (I), missing subject (maybe if it is) In the first example, the singular subject dog needs a singular verb, barks. In the second example, the plural encounter of dogs requires a plural barking, barking. >has 5. The rise of multinationals has created a great legal uncertainty, because multinationals can operate in so many jurisdictions. .

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