What Is Super Stockist Agreement

15. Upon expiration or early provision of this Contract, distributor will immediately deliver to Customer all unsold inventory of goods, invoice books and other documents of principals and will pay Principals for no or no stock at list prices less commissions granted to Licensee. (16) In the event of a dispute between the parties arising out of or in connection with the Agreement, it shall be referred to the exclusive arbitration of an arbitrator, who may be appointed by mutual agreement between the parties. The arbitrator`s procedure for making the award shall be in accordance with the provisions of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 of India or any amendment thereto. The arbitrator`s decision is final and binding on the parties. (17) This Agreement is signed in duplicate. The original is kept by the customers and the duplicate by the distributor. Upon termination of this Agreement for any reason, SUPER STOCKIST will promptly return all Confidential Information to NAFED and will subsequently refrain from using or waiving such Confidential Information for any purpose. 13. The dealer guarantees a minimum sale of a value of Rs. ……. annual. In the event that the sale fails by 25% or more for two consecutive years, customers may terminate this contract.

11. The rights arising from this contract may not be assigned or transferred to another person without the prior written consent of the customer. Nothing in this Agreement constitutes a partnership or joint venture between the parties or is deemed to be a SUPER STOCKIST as a representative of NAFED for any purpose or considered a SUPER STOCKIST, and SUPER STOCKIST has no authority or authority to bind NAFED in any way or to assume or assume any obligation or liability. expressly or implicitly, for or on behalf of or on behalf of NAFED, except as expressly provided herein. (14) Either party may terminate this contract by giving three months` notice to the other party. Invoices between the parties will be definitively settled and adjusted within the aforementioned period of three months.

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