Gallery of our pottery work

Plant Pots with engobe and scratching

With this technique we paint a layer of white engobe on the surface of the pots and scratch a design we like into it. Afterwards we let them dry completely and fire them.

Plant Pots with stamps

A serie of plant pots we made in the workshops impressing all kinds of stamps for the decoration.


The lamps we made are either fragrance lamps (oil burners) for unique scents or simply for creating a nice atmosphere with a natural light. 


A relief is like a three dimensional picture and it can be as varied.

Multiuse jars with lid

... for organizing small things with a personal touch. A jar to put your jewellery, a jar to put cookies, chocolates or to present nuts or olives on a table.


… or any kind of art decor you can hang from the ceiling, on a wall, in a tree or on your balcony.

Modelling Faces

It is amazing how a clump of clay turns step by step into something almost alive….

Sculpting the human figure

This is quite an open field from very realistic to completely abstract….