Workshop impressions

Workshops in Stylos - Jan/Feb 2024

We started the New Year with SCULPTING – sculpting faces, sculpting animals, sculpting the human body and sculpting reliefs. Each subject for itself is vast in possibilities and styles.

Workshops in Stylos - Nov/Dec 2023

It's so much more than only about pottery. New people are coming together, different moods and a variety of inspirations and ideas are evolving and being expressed into very personal pieces. It seems to me like a melting pot where everybody gets enriched by.

Workshops in Stylos - February 2023

Every time a little world opens up when we come together and take clay into our hands. I have the impression that through guiding and accompanying others working with clay, I discover even more facets of this beautiful and sometimes mysterious material. In four workshops we modelled faces, sculpted human bodies, created lamps and relief pictures.

February Pottery Class 2023

I love to see how some develop a real passion for pottery! It was a great pleasure to have you every Friday morning in my atelier and diving together into the potter's world. "Come on potters, you are half way through!" 😉

Workshops in Stylos - Nov/Dec 2022

These six workshops were a melting pot of inspiration, experiments, fantasy, diligence, cultures, languages, enthusiasm, encounters, affections, persistence, ideas and so much more. Each workshop was a very enriching experience.

Workshops in Stylos - January 2022

The perfect way to start the new year: putting hands on clay! Building plant pots and decorating them with stamps and all kind of imprints or modelling dogs, horses, real characters and letting the sun shine - both workshops were so much fun and full of surprises.

Workshops in Stylos - Nov/Dec 2021

Three workshops - each one so different. In two of them we met again for decorating the leather dry lamps and pots with colourful engobes and in the third one we made beautiful plant pots with all kind of imprints which best show after firing and a whitish or dark coating.

Autumn Pottery Class 2021

In a series of six Saturday mornings we learned different techniques as slab construction, modelling, hollowing, decorating with engobes and much more. It was such a pleasure to work with this group! Thank you.

Workshops in Modi Nov/Dec 2019

In all four workshops you could feel the creativity in the air: from full moon shining through grass, little Buddha with secret interior, colourful jars for favourite homemade cookies, passion for horses and old indian wooden print blocks to devotion to beautifully decorated lamps and plant pots.

Workshops in Modi – Feb 2019

We had lots of rain this winter, especially during February. Whereas it was miserable outside we spent a fabulous time in the atelier making pottery. During the three workshops we created beautiful plant pots with different techniques and dived into the world of face modelling.

Workshops in Modi - Nov/Dec 2018

In these two workshops we had a great time making reliefs and mobiles. We even had participants coming all the way from Paleochora and Agia Galini!

Workshops in Modi – Feb/March 2018

The subjects of this sequence of Touching Clay Ceramic Workshops were: Multiuse jars with lid, nicely decorated plant pots and sculpting the human body.

Workshops in Modi - Nov/Dec 2017

In three different workshops we devoted ourselves fully to endless ideas and possibilities of making reliefs, mobiles and fragrance and other lamps.

Workshop day in Modi - June 2017

Having a good time in the garden outside the atelier, being completely absorbed by creating beautiful pots, having a lunch break and enjoying the company...

Workshops in Megalo O - Jan/Feb 2017

We held a sequence of four workshops in "Megalo O" in Chania in January and February 2017. The subjects were: plant pots, fragrance lamps, relief and multiuse jars with lid.