Ceramic Workshops in February 2023


I hope you had a nice and joyful start into the New Year and you are full of energy, motivation and inspiration!

The series of workshops last November and December were a real treat to me. They let me finish the old year with a great feeling of satisfaction and gratitude. In the six independent workshops we worked with clay in many different ways –  from simply playing and exploring the material, constructing and painting colourful jars with lids, sculpting the human body, scratching designs into white layers of engobe and modelling faces to finding the connection to our inner world through clay meditation. All together a vast spectrum of doing pottery. I tried to catch some moments with the camera. You can find the pictures in the gallery.

I’m very happy to announce the next series of workshops which will take place in February. There will be four self-contained workshops with the following subjects:

  1. Modelling Faces
  2. Relief
  3. Lamps and Fragrance Oil Burners
  4. Sculpting the Human Body

Workshop 1: Modelling Faces

4/2/2023 Sunday,   10:00-14:00 

The subject of this workshop will be the human face. All levels are welcome. It is amazing how a lump of clay turns step by step into something almost alive….and it doesn’t matter how realistic nose, mouth, eyes are formed. They get their own life and expression anyway and turn into something very personal and unique.

We will use the local red clay and leave the fired pieces in terracotta colour.

Here you can see pieces from past Modelling Faces Workshops.


Workshop 2: Building a Relief Picture

5/2/2023 Sunday, 10:00-17:00 with a break for lunch which I will provide.

26/2/2023 Sunday, 10:00-13:00 painting and finishing the relief.

In this workshop we transform an idea or an image that we like into a three-dimensional picture. It could be a portrait, a landscape, a plant or animal, a mandala or just anything that you can imagine. There are no limits! After the pieces are fired we will meet again and paint them with acrylics.
Here you can find pictures of some examples.



Workshop 3: Lamps and Fragrance Oil Burners

12/2/2023 Sunday, 10:00-17:00 with a break for lunch which I will provide.
18/2/2023 Saturday, 10:00-13:00 painting our pieces before they get fired and glazed.

For creating a nice and warm atmosphere with a special candle lighting and filling the room with beautiful fragrances.

There are different shapes and types of fragrance and other lamps that we will design and build by using templates and following step by step demonstrations. An entire Sunday will give us enough time for more than one project. On the following Saturday we give our pieces a colourful coating with engobes which have to be put on before the first firing. After the firing I will glaze them with shiny or matt transparent glaze, whatever you decided for each of your pieces, and then fire them a second time.


Workshop 4: Sculpting the Human Body

19/2/2023 Sunday, 10:00-17:00 with a break for lunch which I will provide.

This workshop is devoted to sculpting. After a short study of proportions of the human body and some examples of different kinds of sculptures we shape and model our own figure. This is quite an open field from very realistic to completely abstract.
My intention is to help everyone find an idea, a pose and a way to sculpt a figure that suits his/her abilities and tastes and to support putting it into practice.

The finished sculptures will be dried and fired and will get that typical terracotta colour of the fired clay.


For all workshops:

  • All the necessary materials (clay, coatings, glazes, acrylic paints etc) as well as the firing and lunch are provided.
  • No previous knowledge in pottery is necessary.
  • As soon as your objects are ready I will contact you so you can come and pick them up from my atelier.
  • For any questions or registration call me at 697 422 11 51 or write an email to schnyder.barbara@gmail.com.