Rainy days – creative days…


We had lots of rain this winter, especially during February. Whereas it was miserable outside we spent a fabulous time in the atelier making pottery. During the three workshops we created beautiful plant pots with different techniques and dived into the world of face modelling. People connecting, talking and laughing, touching clay, concentration and lots of creative energy – all was there and we had a great time.

I took some pictures during the workshops. You can see them here.

And have a look at what turned out. You can see all our finished pieces here:

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If you are interested in participating in one of the next workshops please note that there won’t be any before October / November because I’m busy during the tourist season. As soon as new workshops are planned I will announce them on this site. If you would like to get a message you can subscribe here.

Thank you all and have a wonderful summer!