Happy New Year!


Very soon we enter the new year. Looking back at the old one, I’m filled with so much gratitude. Finding this little ruined house in Stylos was a big gift to me and renovating and putting it up as my new atelier a whole spring project. It kept me busy for quite a while and I put it in operation by making a 100 Mosquito Coil Holders.

I also invited people to an Open Door Day to celebrate my new place. I was overwhelmed by all the kindness and good wishes I received! Thank you so much.

After a busy season as a walking guide, the first ceramic workshops finally took place in November and December. The last workshops I held were two years before, and I almost forgot how much joy they bring. They made my atelier even more alive, and it was wonderful to see all these different new creations coming into life. Once again I realized what a satisfying activity making pottery is. Some participants were even touching clay for their first time. I find this always something very special. In the gallery you can see pictures of the Workshops and the Autumn Pottery Class.

In between the ceramic workshops I had time for my latest little project: Lamps which shine bright and colourful. More about them you can find in the Shop section.

And what will the new year bring?

I’m certain 2022 offers us opportunities to expand our creativity.
I’m full of ideas and projects that I would love to share with you. A new program is on the way. I will share it as soon as the dates are set.

Meanwhile, I wish you a wonderful jump into 2022. Shall it bring you the most amazing surprises, breakthroughs, turns and rides. And always light and love.