The finished pieces…

Finally I can present our finished pieces from the last three workshops in February and March 2018!


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Ever touched clay?


No? Maybe it’s your time. There are three more Ceramic Workshops coming up at the end of February, beginning of March 2018 – each one a chance to make a new experience!

All three workshops will take place in my atelier in Modi and are suitable for beginners and advanced learners. Each workshop has a different subject and a slightly different approach/technique.

So let’s see what they are:

1. Multiuse jars with lids…

…for organizing small things with a personal touch. A jar to put your jewellery, a jar to put cookies, chocolates or to present nuts or olives on a table.

25/2/2018 Sunday, 10:00-17:00 with break for lunch which I will provide.
3/3/2018 Saturday, 10:00-13:00 painting our pieces with engobe before they get fired and glazed.

There are many possibilities of different shapes and colours to design your own unique jar. I will show and explain step by step an easy way for beginners and also more advanced ways. On Sunday we build and form the jars and the lids and on the following Saturday we give our pieces a colourful coating with engobes which have to be put on before the first firing. After the firing I will glaze them with shiny or matt transparent glaze, whatever you decided for each of your pieces, and then fire them a second time.

Get an idea from the photo gallery here.


2. Beautiful decorated plant pots…

…for your garden, terrace and indoor spaces.

Before we put the parts (bottom, sides, feet etc.) together we make decorative imprints with stamps or whatever can be used as stamps such as flowers, leaves, textiles, buttons, pen lids, just anything you can think of.

These pots will stay in the terracotta colour of the fired clay and for a more contrasty effect I will treat them after the first firing either with a white or a dark colour (as you prefer) before firing them the second time with transparent glaze on the inside if you wish.



4/3/2018 Sunday, 10:00-17:00 with break for lunch which I will provide.

Here you find a variety of plant pots that we made in past workshops.


3. Sculpting a human figure

This workshop is devoted to sculpting. After a short study of proportions of the human body and some examples of different kinds of sculptures we shape and model our own figure. This is quite an open field from very realistic to completely abstract….
My intention is to help everyone finding an idea, a pose and a way to sculpt a figure that suits his/her abilities and tastes and to support putting it into practice.

The finished sculptures will be dried and fired and will get that typical terracotta colour of the fired clay.

11/3/2018 Sunday, 10:00-17:00 with break for lunch which I will provide.


For all three workshops:

  • All the necessary materials (clay, coatings and glazes) as well as the firing and lunch are provided.
  • For any questions or registration call me under: 697 422 11 51 or write an email to
  • My atelier in Modi is about 20 minutes drive from Chania. If you don’t have a car, there is a bus from Chania to Gerani from where I can also pick you up.

So maybe it is your time…..